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Saturday, November 04, 2006

MASAstige: Masstige Pinoy Style

Guess what! The phenomenon known as "masstige" has now reached our shores! Folded&Hung has commissioned Ivarluski Aseron to design a collection for their stores. Brilliant of this retail upstart to move a fast one on the more established retail chains and gain that strategic first mover advantage!

(photo courtesy of greenhills.com.ph)


Anonymous said...

Finally they hired a REAL designer :)

shopgirlmanila said...

When will F&H launch his collection? =)

cd said...

Good question! Actually it was never disclosed. But I'd give or take 3 months, that's my guesstimate =) As soon as I hear official word on this, I'll let you know!

shopgirlmanila said...

Thanks =)

cd said...

OMG! Anonymous! I just got it now! But You are SOOOO RIGHT! Hahahahaha!

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