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Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Woodbury Souvenir

Because my friend Pam suggested that I post about my outlet store purchases, I will give in. Hehehe! Sorry to disappoint though! I can't say purchases since I only bought 1 thing! I wish I could say I shopped till I dropped at Woodbury, but I actually just walked around till I plopped on a bench because Hubby and I really went there to accompany friends from back home who came over here for vacation, not to go shopping for myself. Feeling strong self-control ba?

Anyway, as I've mentioned, my defenses did eventually break down because I couldn't resist buying this pair of chocolate brown Tory Burch Reva ballet flats that were $30 cheaper than its suggested retail price of $195. Not bad eh? 

The bad thing is, they also had these ballet flats in eggplant and orange so I am still debating on going back for a second (and third?) helping of vegetables and/or fruits. A diet of chocolate alone is bad right? Teehee!

I think my battered French Soles are due for semi-retirement anyway...Plus, as I told Hubby, the T's in the logo just screams out that it's for me because those T's stand for my nickname (TinTin)...Hahaha! Excuses! Excuses! But it sure does feel good to finally buy something I've always wanted! Hay! When will my "wants" ever stop?


Blairbitch said...

nice one tin! go back some vegetable and fruits! haha

LimeBasil said...

Wow! I'm loving the Reva flats! I've been thinking of getting one for myself... Is it really comfy?

ms MS said...

Hi Tintin!! Love...love your reva flats!! Still thinking what color to buy....is it really comfy when walking??

cd said...

Hahaha! BI Cons!

Hi Limebasil and MS! It's very comfy! The leather is super soft! But once I started walking, the elastic at the back would dig in. However, as the SA said, it will still expand after breaking it in since the leather is very soft. She actually suggested getting it 1 size smaller so that the fit would be perfect. Tight lang talaga at first! Get yours na! Heehee!

Eubelle said...

the t's definitely screams out tintin ;) i love your shoes!!!

cd said...

Hahaha! Thanks Belle! =)

Pam S. said...

Nice!! I want the wedge version!

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