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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's Paint The Town Red!

I always go for classic pieces, more so if it comes with a twist (yeah, such a cliché!). So when this Miu Miu spectator pump first came out for Fall 2007, I initially liked the plain one in a neutral color. Then I changed my mind and liked the winged version next.

But when I saw this photo from The Sartorialist...
I just loved her total look! I mean, I do have red dresses, but they don't look as fun! Apart fom this girl's personality, her Miu Mius really made her oufit pop!

I realized I need more color in my shoe closet!!! Aptly named the Vernice Pop Pump (in Rosso, also comes in Noce), this shoe from Miu Miu is available at Saks.com for $525.

This is the problem when you put together a girl with a limited budget and a taste for "quality". More often than not, I just want more bang for my buck so I always end up getting "practical pieces"! But practical (although usually a classic) isn't always fun, think about it!

Hmmm...then again, with 4 colors (taupe, brownish eggplant, coral and red) in one shoe, this is actually a practical piece! It can go with a lot of stuff whether it be neutrals or reds!

For those who want the look for less (I want to style for the show of the same name btw!), bakersshoes.com has a copy for only $59.99.


Blairbitch said...


after i got my red french sole i'm been getting more and more red stuff! i want a bloody red patent bag...

raissa said...

the bakers one is a good alternative but I love the stacked heel of the Miu Miu =( paano yun. I am still looking for a black and a nude stacked heel pair too wahh

cd said...

Hey Cons! Well, you can always ask Tita Celine to pick one out for you! Heehee!

Yeah raissa, nothing beats the original pa rin! Sigh! Btw, good luck on the nude heels search! Take your time =)

Ruby Gan said...

hey! love the Miumiu! Darn... the copy is not good enough! hay.. why do we have such expensive taste ba?
I got a pair of pumps in burgundy patent with red suede accent in Zara.. girl, it worked very well with my simple red dress! kailangan may oomph talaga when wearing red dresses. cliche na yun black or nude...:D

cd said...

Hi Ruby! Those Zara heels sound divine! Yeah, you're right! Boring na red dresses if paired with black or nude heels lang!

raissa said...

okay, ruby and christine..how else can we add oomph to red dress?? I am curious and just might do it. I agree boring na nga kun black or nude heels na lang parati

cd said...

Hmmm, since color blocking is hot, then maybe a bright belt, and color block shoes of the same color family as red? Watcha think?

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