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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chop Chop!

I can't wait to get a hair cut! My hair now is more of like Naomi's but I'm liking Kate's, hmmm...

What I really can't wait for is this! Here's what I'm planning on doing after my church wedding in Manila!

Yeah, I wanna do an Agyness Deyn!

But I'm not going blond though! I just love the fact that short hair can still be styled so many different ways!

(Photos courtesy of style.com)


Blairbitch said...

dec. 3 is my "goodbye-to-my-long-hair" day! i can' wait!

cd said...

How short are you going Cons?

Blairbitch said...

hmmm... not sure yet. i want gretchen baretto or rihanna's hair. but dunno if it's going to look like that after =(

Blairbitch said...

oh... that's dec. 31... day after the wedding too!

Eubelle said...

im going shorter too!!! i've had my hairdresser chop off 4 inches already. before dec 25, im gonna get a haircut again...wish me luck hehehe.

i cant wait to see you in short hair tin!

cd said...

Woohoo! Go Cons!

Yay! Good luck Belle! Hehehe! I can't wait too! =)

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