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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Murphy's Law

This is the first thing that greets me the next day after my meltdown!!! Imagine that!!!

But I'm looking at a glass half full! I'm still happy I got this invite! So thanks for sending me this Celine!!! I'm taking this as a sign that I have fabulous things to look forward to!!!

So for those who want to shop for a cause, I'm spreading this blessing to you all!!! ;)

Thank you so much to all my friends and online buddies for your wise advice and encouraging words of support. I appreciate that you let me know that I am not alone. With friends like you, it's so easy to disprove Murphy's Law - I haven't even reached rock bottom but I've been swiftly whisked back up. I just know there's no way to go but Happyville! I really feel blessed to have you as a "support group". I get this inkling that soon enough we'll be thinking happy thoughts again!

Cheesy as it sounds, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Ruby Gan said...

Tin! See??? You're not alone at all! So many people love you!

Anyway, Adora will soon open to the public on Feb 2. I'm going to the soft-opening where it's by invites only. I've seen the shop- was taken on a tour inside. It's BEAUTIFUL! The interior is totally opulent but the prices are reasonable! Sawa na ako sa zen-look... this is rich and lovely! Will write you about it soon! Mentioned about the brand too.. will get back to you...
Take care!
p.s. looks like my self-imposed ban will be lifted for a day... hmmmmm...

cd said...

Ooh Adora sounds wonderful Ruby!!! Tell me all about it! And I'll happily share it with everyone through this blog! =)

giancinephile said...

And now, Cartier is reaching out to you! haha

Tsk tsk... time to invest in a jewelry set! Imagine how much fun you'll have with that red case! haha

cd said...

I know! My gosh Gian! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at first! Hehehe! So tempting, even if just to window shop and see what they have there!

giancinephile said...

Speaking of temptations check my blog in an hour! The unexpected has come to Manila!!!! :)

A very hot French label is opening store! hahaha :)

Ruby Gan said...

UY! That got me picqued! May I know your blogsite, Gian, if you don't mind?

cd said...

ruby! it's http://giancinephile.noosblog.fr/ =)

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