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Friday, May 02, 2008

Jelly Gladiators from Old Navy

Only $19.50! Reminds me a bit of Marc Jacobs's jelly gladiators, and way cheaper too! These ankle-strap gladiators come in two colors:


Sunny Side-up


chico said...

looks a bit like melissa shoes. i wonder if they're as comfy.

cd said...

Hehe, oh yeah, come to think of it! Sort of like a hybrid of the Affair and the Scarfun High Four somehow! Not sure if comfy though, I haven't tried it on, I just saw it in the stores. But no more shoe shopping for me (you know why!) so I don't think I'll ever know first hand hahaha! =)

raissa said...

I am not a big fan of jelly shoes but if I have the chance I will try this out and let you know hahah I will take one for the team! hahaha I like sunny side up. The smoke one is pretty too. They look cute though so I will see.

cd said...

Yay! Thanks raissa for stepping up to the plate! Hehehe! Let us know ha! =)

raissa said...

hahaha no problem. If not me, I will ask my cousin to do it. So far the shoes that I got from Old Navy (the platform one) doesnt disappoint. I stood on it all day to check and nope my feet didnt hurt at all. We will see about these jelly shoes.

cd said...

Yay! Thanks raissa! =)

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