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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simple Shoes Now in Manila!

With "green" being the new black these days, Hightimes Distribution is excited to present Simple® Shoes! From its humble beginnings as a nice little shoe company from Santa Barbara, California in 1991, Simple® is now known as the world leader in sustainable footwear and accessories.

Why so? Simply because Simple® makes good-looking, easy-to-wear comfortable shoes for men, women and children, that are also earth friendly!

Simple® is committed to making its products 100% sustainable, meaning, it is produced with minimal long-term effects on the environment. By using sustainable materials like used car tires for its outsoles (waste car tires that would otherwise have ended up in landfills), Simple® reduces the ‘ecological footprint’ left when making shoes. Used car tires are just one of the over twenty Simple ingredients (Natural & Sustainable materials) used in making Simple® shoes...find out about the rest at simpleshoes.com!


CoolDude said...

Wow its here! I heard so much good things about Simple. Its a fun brand and I'm impressed in what they are trying to do! Wonder where we can get'em?

ecochic said...

I'm glad it's available here already! I got my first pair of Simple in the states last year and it's super comfy. I'm eyeing a pair of simple maryjanes:)

ecochic said...

hi cooldude, was at rustans makati this morning n overheard havis salesperson saying that simple will start selling this saturday:) try checking it out this weekend:) i wonder if they have same styles for girls n guys so i can buy for my bf n i*:P

cd said...

Ecochic is right! Simple shoes will be available in Rustans starting September 22 =)

ecochic said...

i went na today, meron na. i got myself a gt janie in cub, n my bf i got him a loaf. the loaf is much much better than the sanuk counterpart. it's much more well made n shoe talaga sya na comfy.

cooldude said...

You are right ecochic, Simple is available already at Rustans! Got myself a pair of toemorrow, feels great on my feet.

Looking to get another pair, this payday :)

Chris from Simple Shoes told me that their display tables are made from old paleta/cargo wood from delpan. That's neat!

DC Shoes UK said...

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