Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Goody Two...Clothes!

I believe in dressing up little girls like little girls. I think it's cute. When I see moms dressing their kids in sexy "adult" clothes, I find it disturbing. Why do some parents do that? Kids grow up really fast, they will have all the time to wear grown-up clothes when they are of age.

That is why I am dressing up Berry like a proper little girl. I will have her wear smocked dresses, seersucker sundresses, sailor tops, saltwater sandals, leather maryjanes...oh the cuteness!

Check out Goody Two Kids and you'll see what I mean by little girl clothes. Tell me if these aren't just adorable! Well-priced too! Prices just hover at the Php500 mark...

Kiddie clothes from Goody Two Kids are imported from Thailand so quality wise (from fabric to construction), you know you're getting a great deal here! I can't wait for Berry's set to arrive! =)

To see more styles from Goody Two Kids, click here!


Gracie said...

i agree. my husband and i think that little girls should never wear sexy adult clothes. the husband feels bothered when he sees baby girls dressed up not appropriate for their age.

cd said...

Yeah! Exactly, it is bothering! I have no idea why some parents do that, sad.

Anna said...

i completely agree - i hate seeing little girls in tube tops and halter tops, sashaying around the mall. i have a baby boy, but if mine were a girl, she'd be in proper little frocks and dainty sandals - none of those pint-sized wedges!!!

this site has cute bubble onesies and kimono onesies for little girls:

while this site has little ruffled onesies for baby girls too:

i put pictures here:

i love my baby boy, but i gotta admit, all those adorable little outfits for baby girls can be frustratingly nakagigil!!

Jane said...

I agree with letting little kids dress as little kids, too! I have a little boy and I plan to dress him in cute little boy clothes for as long as I can. No "siga" clothes for him!

What's even worse than dressing little girls in sexy adult clothes is dressing them up in sexy adult clothes AND polishing their nails!

cd said...

Haha! Yes, fun to dress up little girls talaga! Thanks for the tips too Anna!

Omg! Some little girls wear polish with sexy clothes?! That is a scary, bothering sight Jane!

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