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Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank You Time! Part 7: Shoes!

Somebody's taking after her Mommy! Look at Berry's shoe collection at 2 months old!

Soon, she will graduate from socks (Thanks Aunt Sarj & Uncle Toni! My Trumpettes fit me now!)...

To shoes...

Thanks Amah for these flowery mary janes...

..and for saving Dada's first shoes for me!

Thanks Ate Carissa for giving your shoes to me!

Thanks Aunt Sarj & Uncle Toni for my silver Trumpette driving shoes! I can't drive but I know I will go places with these!

Thanks Aunt Janice, Uncle Wilbs and Atchie Audrey for these pristine white mary janes! They will go so well with the sundresses you gave me!

Thanks Aunt Brenda, Uncle Henry and soon-to-come Anastasia for my Burberry kicks!

Thanks Ninang Me-an and Ninong Eric for these pretty pairs from Robeez! Can't wait to walk in them!


Berry =)


lisa said...

Aww she's already got such a great shoe collection going!

k604bc said...

Hahaha she does take after you!!!Your hubby's probably secretly freakin' out.

My bf's niece had lots of baby clothes and shoes too, she's 7 now, (Her Mom) saved most of her stuff and now she uses it to dress up her "Build-a-bear" teddy bear. So cute.

Mika said...

Berry!! Auntie Leslie is wondering if you'll give her the silver trumpette driving shoes?

Vanessa said...

Two months already? How time flies! :-)

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Such a little fashionista already! I LOOOOOVE the silver trumpette driving shoes. Can I borrow them, Berry??

RubyG said...

Tin!! May kasabay na tayo sa pag-hoard ng shoes! :D

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