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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NST2010 Days 19-22: Jumping On The Bandwagon

Discovered Looklet.com through my editor Cecile's blog and when Grace posted some of her looks in her blog, I decided to jump on the bandwagon for the ff reasons:

1. Girls never outgrow playing dress up
2. This sure beats online shopping
3. When your life revolves around taking care of Berry and Dear Hubby, household chores and going out for groceries, and you basically wear a "uniform" like me...

...it can be fun drawing up several looks for the heck of it...

Pretending I'm a Vogue editor dressing up for work (Have I told you how fab The September Issue is? I saw it the first day it showed in Chelsea, loved every minute of it, I might just buy a DVD of the docu!)

Plus a dress-up outfit I would wear to a garden wedding...

Ok, anyway, back to reality!


ymesako said...

I also love the looklet site. It's a nice way to dream up new styles without burning a hole in your wallet.

RubyG said...

I am hooked on this too!!! Hahaha!
Hey, should you get the DVD, sama mo ako ha? Add it to my Shop Spot account, please. ;)

Any new photos of Berry?

cd said...

Totally agree ymesako! No need to spend to practice on putting outfits together heehee!

Haha! I definitely will Ruby! And yes! I will post pics soon! =)

trina said...

i like work 8 and 9! ate tin, check out mine (trinaceous) :-) i was sleepy til i found this... hehe

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