Friday, November 20, 2009

Baghag in Training

Today, Mom, Auntie Les and Berry went to TJ Maxx to scout for great deals. Berry saw this (okay, it was really Auntie Les & Mom)!

"How much is this?"
, Berry wondered. She looked at the price tag and saw it was $6.99. "This is quite reasonable. Too bad I forgot my wallet, I don't have any cash on me!"

"I hope Dada buys this for me when we come back. This tote looks so good on me! And it fits one diaper and a pack of baby wipes so perfectly! That way, Mom wouldn't have to bring a diaper bag. I can carry my stuff myself!"



MrsLavendula said...

that is just so cute!

{Rachel ann} said...

too cute!

Karrots said...

tee hee hee! hi baby bag hag! the bag looks great on you! good choice!

tin_tin said...

ohmygod, she is sooo cute!!! yeah, she is a baby bag hag. tsk tsk, watch out mommy. haha

mitch said...

just what i needed!!! i absolutely love the pic where she's looking at the tag XD

cd said...

Heehee! Thanks Mitzi, Rachel Ann, Karrots, Tin and Mitch! =)

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