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Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Know She's A Little Bit Generous

It's my birthday today and instead of receiving, I'm in the mood to give!

I love to read, and I especially love to collect fashion books. So as my "birthday gift", I'm giving one lucky reader, a book of your choice!

I love The Teen Vogue Handbook, just because fashion industry legends - designers, journalists, stylists, models and photographers share how they broke into the industry, while pointing out tips on how to succeed! They don't sugarcoat it too. They have no qualms explaining how they worked their way up or from nowhere. Very inspiring! They also divulge little stories and tidbits of info I have never read anywhere else. It's practically a road map for young people who want to know how they can get into fashion.

The Sartorialist is another favorite, and it needs no explanation. The easy access, old-fashioned way to get to the looks you love from the site, any time, any where.

So, how does this go? Simple! Be the 33rd (because I am now officially 33 !) reader to answer these questions:

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
2. What do you like about this blog?
3. What topics would you like to read more of here?

Entries should all be in the comments section. I will ship to anywhere in the world! (For readers based in the Philippines, I will ship through Johnny Air, just to make sure it gets to you!)

UPDATE: One entry per reader only. If you leave more than 1 comment, I will only count the first comment =)


xij said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
more than 6 months now, learned about your blog from chuvaness.

2. What do you like about this blog?
i like that even if your in NY, you still update us with what's latest here in the philippines and the posts about your shopping ban. :D

3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
more about fashion week all over the world


csapitan7 said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
I was reading chuvaness and chanced upon your blog. it's been a year now and im always excited to hear things from the other side of the world :P
2. What do you like about this blog?
a fashion view of new york, makes me want to go there right now.
3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
Fashion Week

faye said...

Hello, I have been reading your blog for about 8 months now. I like your blog because it was one of the first blogs I got into reading. I googled Manila blogs because I wanted to find out more about fashion in Manila and yours came up. I love how you talk about fashion and changes in your life. =) I would like to hear more about insider stuff like where to shop in PI and NY. I would love to receive the Sartorialist!

Alissa said...

Awwww...happy birthday Tin!

(1) I've been reading the blog for around 2 years. It served as my breaktime read at work.
(2) I like the commentary on shops, new styles and your own personal style. I like the Style SOS (thank you for Waist and See!) I love Berry and your family topics as well. =)
(3) I love the format as it is. I would love to read about great shopping and style finds there. I also can't wait for more of your posts and pictures on your outfit for the day or your take on a style.

May you have a blessed birth year. =)

arlyn said...

Seems like nobody wants to comment.. everyone's waiting, I guess.. :)

Happy 33rd Birthday!!! :)

1. I've been reading your blog ever since I got pregnant.. and was advised to go on a bed rest. That was last June, 2009. :) (I shared your happiness when you got married and found out you were already pregnant!)

2. What I like about your blog is that it's very down to earth and fun to read. I like how you share your simple joys and great bargain finds, and the not so bargain too. :D And I also like how you make this blog a medium to help others with their questions about life (i.e. fashion, skincare, baby stuffs, etc.). :)

3. I love the article where you discussed as to how to wear a jacket / how a jacket should fit. I think that was pretty helpful for a lot of your readers. You know how we normally buy stuffs we just end up using once or twice, or not use at all? I guess with topics on how to use/wear things properly, your readers (me included) will be able to maximize he use of our things. :)

mcmanaloto said...

1. I've been reading this blog for one or two years?
2. I like the clothes and lately I'm loving the Berry features :D
3. Maybe looks on a budget?

gjaneco said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog? - Since 2007
2. What do you like about this blog? - It's informative and entertaining. Keeps me updated about what's latest, and there's so much personality in it :)
3. What topics would you like to read more of here? - More about Filipino designers

missus said...

1. been reading your blog for about 7 months. :)
2. cool! got very helpful tips from this blog. and very exciting kasi may berry na! :)
3. more blogs! as in you'll blog more frequently than usual. LOLz.

more power CD. im taking my chance, being the first commenter. hopefully i can commenting again!

r4 dsi said...

Fashion is the best way to show out our personality and also glamour..
so i will take this article in my life...
Thanks for sharing valuable info..

tanya said...

1. I have been following your blog for about a year now and have been enjoying every minute/entry of it. :)

2. I like that you mix the designer and the "ordinary" into actual wearable day-in day-out outfits. I also appreciate your focus on "things out there" that strike you as interesting, bizarre or absolute must-haves. And your injection of your actual day-to-day activities and anecdotes with your daughter Berry and other members of your family makes the blog more "real" and "grounded" (and is thus more reachable and well, true for your readers).

3. As Christmas season is fast approaching, maybe tips for gifts for people (i.e., the numerous inaanaks, friends, not-so close colleagues, family) that are functional and cute and will not break the bank.


Joni Andrea said...

1. Ummm 3 years I think
2. I can relate to your fashion and shopping musings.
3. More outfit photos

Shirlyn said...

1. have been reading for the past year and a half :D
2. Everything! :D
3. Berry and what you're wearing

Arlene said...

Hey Tin! A Berry happy birthday! =)

pia bernal said...

The day was pretty much insignificant when I first read your blog! This explains why I don't have an answer to question#1. But if I go by "feel," I remember it was around the time you answered questions on ballet shoes(or was it Repetto shoes?).

I love your blog for its uncluttered look; practical guide to high-end/street fashion; and you care enough to post only the very best of topics you go gaga over. And I happen to like them alot... Seriously, you're able to break down a brand/label into chewable bits so that even if I can't afford it (yet), am now a fearless fashionista/window shopper since I know more about a brand, a trend, etc. And your blogs has sharpened my fashion editing sense, to a level comparable to that of Anna Wintour's bangs. Hehe.

I liked your bloglook so much that blog-envy took over and pushed me to create my own blog - http://philippines-as-i-like-it.blogspot.com; now, if only i could find blog-discipline....

No specific topics in mind, really. Just continue to "freeblog" on whatever that tickles your fashion soul. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Christine! I'm Filipino like you, and part of the reason why I like this blog is the focus on Philippine fashion. There are some great things coming out of the Philippines that only Filipino designers can create. As an immigrant, it feels good to be in touch with my homeland especially in a realm of the art world I adore: fashion.

I have been reading your blog since the summer and one thing I would love to see more of is features on Philippine designers working abroad.

Thank you for your blog and all the best!

yam said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog? - 2 years!
2. What do you like about this blog? - Style tips and posts about your shopping experiences or non-shopping experiences
3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
- just more on Fashion & style, not just for adults but kids too. Berry always looks adorable in her photos.

Karladear said...

I've been reading your blog since Chuvaness featured a picture of you eating in Pepper Lunch. I loved what you were wearing so I followed you to your blog.

I love that your blog is so honest. You don't boast that you have this, or you have that. You say what you feel about fashion, even if it's just a fragment of your fashion imagination because lets face it, fashion can be expensive.

I'd like to read more about how you raise your daughter...nothing profound..just how you intend to raise her to love fashion without making her materialistic. I'd love to see more outfits of her, children's fashion is also another facet of fashion you would be perfect to explore now that you're a mom.

Best regards!

theworldofjoyce said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
I've been reading your blog for about 6 months now.
2. What do you like about this blog?
I like the variety of topics - fashion, travel, shopping, family, current events, etc.. very real topics and relevant to today's times. I feel like reading a best friend's diary ;)
3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
The topics you currently cover are good reads. I can't think of a topic you don't already cover.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday manilafashiononserver.im an avid reader of your blog.

1.ive been reading your blog for a year now.
2.i like everything you wrote,very inspiring especially about fashion.
3.everything,(fashion,style,shopping and berry too.
good luck MFO!more power to you and to your blog.


RubyG said...

Tin, birthday girl!! I'd like to join!! :)
Been reading your blog for over 2years now and I love everything about it--so honest, knowledgeable without being preachy. Charming minus trying-hard! Fashionable but not over-the-top!
What else do I want to see in this blog--everything that is happening in NYC to keep us people in Manila well-informed.

tin_tin said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?

Since June/July 2009. I remember one day I read until I reached your very first post. Haha. What a fun read! =) Now i check out your blog during breaks when I'm at work.
2. What do you like about this blog?
You're a very good writer. I like that you give us, your Philippines-based readers tips on where to buy and what stuffs are good. And also, having given birth to my first child as well, I like reading your Berry entries! Haha. I remember reading to my Hubby that entry about Berry's Grandma/Grandpa calling her cheesecake or something - I proved to my Hubby our baby is not the only one! Hahaha.

3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
Good shops (whether online or not) here in Manila, what stuffs are "in" (heehee) and of course, stories about Berry and tips for babies' fashion, toys, anything! =)

I hope you write more (though I know you are very busy!). It lifts my/our spirits up when there's something nice to read. Haha.

Oh, and Happy Birthday! =)

raissa said...

wow! hmm

1) How long have yu been reading this blog?

- since 2007

2) What do you like about this blog?
- The variety of topics esp about fashion and the tips which I have benefited in the past. Your answer to my question has helped me figure out what to wear on certain events now.

3) what topics would you like to read more of here?
- You pretty much covers everything. Just continue blogging =).

N said...

First of all, have a great birthday! I've been reading your blog for a year, more or less, and your posts are always interesting.

I like your advice on shopping for cosmetics. I'm always on the prowl for great skin care and make up. Not only do you suggest trendy colors and new lines, but you also suggest stuff that are easy on the skin yet are effective.

I admire how you blog about fashion: you write about the stories and the emotions behind it. It makes fashion seem more interesting and less superficial.

Would love to hear more stories about your daughter growing up with a stylish mum. I'd also love to hear more fashion advice from you.


Apple said...

How long have you been reading this blog?

1) More than a year. I have instantly love your writing style!

What do you like about this blog?

2) Ok, so I answered that already. :) Also, I like how you are always the first to tip us on fashion news and trends.

What topics would you like to read more of here?

3) More about international brands finding its way to the Philippines! Yay!


Jean said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog? A little over a year now.
2. What do you like about this blog? The entries are informative, entertaining, and relevant.
3. What topics would you like to read more of here? More fashion-related posts and more of Shobe Berry's pictures. Cuteness overload *squeeee*

Macy said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog? since 2008. I learned about your blog through a feature they had on you on a website that will teach you how to dress like a celebrity.

2. What do you like about this blog?I like your family. Very New York-ie, however, Filipino values are still intact. Every time I see and read your blogs and pictures, I know you and your husband so loved each other and your whole family loved each other. I also like New York and I want to go there someday. The way you write about New York, it seems like we can all take chance to be there.

3. What topics would you like to read more of here? I like it when you have pictures of berry and your downtown pictures. It feels so cozy. It's like Sunday morning and there'a smell of bread. Your pictures and articles feel like that. Of course, articles on shoes and bags are very useful

ms.chelle said...

01. How long have you been reading this blog?

- I've been reading this blog since 2006. Here's the first entry I read

02. What do you like about this blog?

- It's written well. The entries are too long or patronizing. I like that there's a good mix of fashion, food, travel and BERRY! (I most especially love posts about Berry :D )

03. What topics would you like to read more of here?

- Topic-wise I think you've got most of the bases covered. I would be nice to see more affordable shoes once in a while hehe.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

1. i've been reading your blog since 2006.

2. i like your personal style..and this year pictures and stories about Berry.

3. More posts about bags please...and also your outfit pictures.


Eubelle said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
Almost 3 years. Trina introduced it to me after she visited us here in Cali.

2. What do you like about this blog?
I like everything on it! It makes it more exciting now because of Berry!

3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
SALES definitely!

ghettogurls said...

Happy Birthday MFO!

1.) I've been reaading your blog since December 2007. The first entry i read was your entry about the Maxi Dress :) I was looking for style and tips on how to wear a maxi and i stumbled upon your site! Since then im reading it everyday.. a routine i do when i open my computer for work :)

2.)I like about your blog is that it's very sleek and simple just like the sartorialist. The interface is reader friendly (no fuss and colorful designs). We share the same wavelength in terms of fashion sense. Thanks for showing us ways to get the look for less, how to wear a specific trend that is wearable everyday, "shopping in our own closet" to catch up on the latest trends (just like the 10 outfits you shared from shopbop! yeyy!) and sharing us what items to invest on, and taking pics of your outfit even if you're just running errands. :)

3.) what i like to see more.. if possible.. if you could do your own version of "the sartorialist". if you could take random pics of people you see outside with a fab outfit. that would be fun! :)

- ghettogurls :)

ms.chelle said...

erratum : "aren't too long or patronizing"

joeyboy said...

How long have you been reading this blog?

I just happened to come across you blog just about an hour ago. Just browse a bit, viewed some pictures.. stuffs like that.

2. What do you like about this blog?

Hmm.. lets see.. based on the few minutes that Ive browsed your blog, its interesting to know that it was your bday a few days ago. Belated hbd. Also, its nice to know about trends in fashion as well as pictures and what you girls say as "kikay" stuffs. haha. babaw ba? Im not really into fashion and stuff but I just came across your site and thats what I found interesting. Its also nice to know stuffs on what you like.

It seems interesting as well to know that youd be giving a book to someone as a gift and I thought, what the heck, why not try posting a comment. I might just receive a book.

3. What topics would you like to read more of here?

Ummm... whatever would suit you. This is your blog and people would read it as how or what you'd like to write or blog. ")

heres my email in case im lucky enough to get your gift. :)
u4184622@anu.edu.au thanks.

benjem28 said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
--- I've been reading this for 6 months.
2. What do you like about this blog?
--- What I like most is about the fashion blogs..
3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
--- I crave to read more about fashion tips... :)

AngelaL said...

Hi! Happy 33rd! I'm really hoping this would be a lucky day for me : )

1. How long have you been reading this blog?

I've been reading this blog since early '07 or late '06. I chanced upon it after seeing an article in inquirer or star's website about the blogs nominated for something something :)
2. What do you like about this blog?

-Reading your blog introduced a lot of new ideas to me. You're entries opened up a whole new chic world I never thought existed! Yours is the first blog I read when I go online. Then I just click on the other sites/blogs that you visit to complete my daily dose of fashion and chismis fix :).
3. What topics would you like to read more of here?

-I really miss your outfit posts. More updates on NY scene. And def more Berry posts! :)

2552N said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
I started reading this blog about three months ago.
2. What do you like about this blog?
I like the fact that the blogger’s style is actually mirrored in her posts.
3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
I would like to read more about your take on today’s fashion. Your style is very interesting and chic. A nice inspiration for anyone.

roxy831 said...

1.How long have you been reading this blog?

About over a year now, I think I started reading while you were still carrying Berry :)
2. What do you like about this blog?
Even if youre a timezone away, you keep us updated on what's hot here in the Manila fashion scene!
3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
Going back to school and considering taking a degree in fashion (what would be the most sensible thing to take up -- pattern making, sewing, fashion design , fashion merchandising?) , affordable trends , beauty product reviews

kath said...

Happy birthday C!

1. I've been reading this blog ever since Chuvaness mentioned you in hers. I think that was about a year ago.
2. I like your blog because you write about fashion not only from your side of the world (NY), but also from here. You share a lot of good finds too.
3. I would like to see more posts on your style icons or inspirational photos for you.

kathrine said...

happy birthday!
1) ive been reading since 2006 coz we're related. haha! it doesn't say i can't try!
2) well, i am biased and i like seeing the berry stories but i like learning about the new york street fashion
3) i'd like to see more photos of interesting street fashion

Anonymous said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
About a year.

2. What do you like about this blog?
Very informative.

3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
I like your outfit of the day. Please post more. I also love reading about Berry and her outfits as well.

Happy Birthday Tintin!
This is Nina, Belle's sister.

Shaz said...

1. I've been reading your blog since 2007.

2. I like your outfit posts, how you mix and match high-end and low-end stuff, and you let us know where it's from. Your posts are uncomplicated. No fuzz, straight to the point, I love your humor, and I'm loving your berry posts!

3. Just keep the blogs coming, all of your topics are interesting!

lastly, HAppy Birthday and may all your wishes come true!

shanna said...

Happy Birthday!!!:)

1.)i have read your blog since 2008 when you posted about the plaid trend:)
2.)i like your blog because it gives us a chance to get a glimpse new york life from a Filipina like you.
3.) bargains and steals you can find there in the states and please do a look for less:)




Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

1. been reading this blog since 2008.

2. i like features about fashion week

3. more stories about family, living in new york, and more features about shoes and bags.

april garcia said...

1. more than a year now
2. blogs about berry because i also have a 6-month old baby. i love the baby outfits you try on baby. i get ideas where to buy/order baby clothes.
3. more blogs about berry and more baby outfits

Jaki said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
I'd say about almost a year when I came across Jillsabs post over kikakyexchange about winter fashion. I was preparing for a trip to Japan and I had no idea then what to wear for the cold season.

2. What do you like about this blog?
Your header was very catchy, "closet fashionista living on a third world paycheck", I can totally relate. Plus recently, I've been looking forward to your posts on Berry's dresses. She's adorable!

3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
Tips on the fashion items/accessories that are worth investing, heads up on fashion sale, and maybe berry's own column. :D

happy birthday!

Louise said...

1) 3 months

2) It’s wonderful that your blog is targeted towards Filipinos

3) More affordable brands

mandzzz999 said...

1. How long have you been reading this blog?
Around 6 months

2. What do you like about this blog?
It contains the latest international fashion news and trends that are well suited for the Filipino consumer.

3. What topics would you like to read more of here?
I would like to read more success stories, especially about Filipinos making it big in the international fashion scene.

mitch said...

i want to be the 33rd but realize it's futile at this point :P anyway, long time lurker, first time commenter/poster.. er, whatever! lol

1. been reading your blog since... wow, i'd say definitely more than 1 1/2 yrs. i was looking for filipino/manila style websites and came upon yours.

2. i like that you gave your own fun spin on a variety of topics -- fashion, NY, news- Philippines or US-related (i know that sounds vague, but there IS that certain allure to your entries that make me come back all the time -- like, seaofshoes). for example, i definitely remember your post about the dry hair shampoo during your no-bath culture-dictated period!!! XD (ok, that might not have been fun for you, but you certainly managed to rise above that occasion!!) also, i've always liked that you gave your own fashion advice to bloggers asking, plus the new cosmetic updates :)

3. it would have been great to read/see what you've been wearing during your shopping ban period :P berry and her antics/wardrobe changes are definite must-sees!

ramengirl0629@hotmail.com said...

Happy BirthdaY!

1.) i read your blog since 2008. i chance upon your blog while constantly visiting chuvaness & the baghag!

2.) i like your blog cause although you are not in manila=you still blog about manila's fashion & observe/teach us how to wear this with that.

3.) i'd like you to:
keep it up...continue fashion blogging & add up spootted:famous celebrity looks more

more birthdays to come!

=from: lui

Pam said...

Tin!! Happy birthday!!!!

Meryl ♥ said...

Hope it's not too late to submit my answers! :)

1. I've been reading your blog since January 2008. I was just bouncing from one fashion blog to another and was glad to see a Filipina blogging about fashion, something that's not so popular then.

2. I like how it's very friendly, that there's a reader-blogger interaction via the Q&A. I remember how I asked a question on what to wear for Philippine Fashion Week in Oct last year and you were so nice in helping me out with my dilemma. I also like how I can relate to this blog, especially your passion for fashion and your shopaholic side. Your outfit posts inspired me to put up my own outfit posts in my blog, even when it's the simplest of outfits. It gave me that extra push to just go and do what I really want, which is to talk about fashion. It's also nice to see a mom who's still into blogging and fashion, something that I could see myself doing someday haha. :)

3. I've noticed that most of the brands/designer labels featured are based abroad, so I'm hoping that there would be more features focusing on Filipino brands/designers as well. It would really help us readers who are based here in the Philippines. :)

Styles I Love said...


oh my! i was hoping to be the 33rd commenter and was checking the site constantly. for the longest time it was at 30 comments and whoa, 50 na pala! haha. anyhoo. would still like to give my two cents if that's okay.

1. i've been reading your blog for quite some time now. first saw it in 2007 and was quite delighted that a filipina was writing it. ang international kasi ng feel!

2. what i love about your blog is that it comes across as a friend who's just sharing stuff that she loved. you don't ever sound like a high fashion snob like some writers do. i love your reports on new york fashion too, even more so because you're reporting right from the heart of it!

in many ways too, you've inspired me to start my own blog, which i'd like to believe is a male version of yours, only greener. haha! honestly, thanks for being so supportive when i was just starting out!

3. i'd like to see more outfit posts and more stories on the fashion scene of my spiritual second home, new york!


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