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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell Now in Manila!

Girls slip off those heels and wear something comfy, then run! Don't walk to SM Makati! Speed up and make a dash for the 3rd floor! Jeffrey Campbell is now in Manila and stocked exclusively at SM Fashion Forum!

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll see in store! I've got the actual buyer's photos, just.for.you.








Roby & Hoyt

All these pretty flats are just so right on trend for the coming season's return to soft, ladylike dressing! Yeah, Vogue has declared that rock and roll dressing is well, dead.

But! If it's the hardcore, tough chic Jeffrey Campbells you want such as these...

Pixie (from needsupply.com)

South Street (from jeffreycampbell.com)
Charlie (from Singer22.com)

Who's to say you can't have it? You may ask for it of course! Say, "Please bring these in!" Seriously. Kindly.

Well, nothing's gonna happen if you keep your mouth shut! Speak up and let the "powers-that-be" know that you want these shoes! STAT! (That means, beg, plea and write a heartfelt comment just to say, you want some bad ass Jeffrey Campbells please, with a sweet stud on top!)

Jeffrey Campbell is available exclusively at SM Fashion Forum, at the 3rd floor of SM Makati.


raissa said...

wow I want meow, miller and roby!

Tammy David said...

ROBY WILL BE MINE!! thanks so much Tin. Love youuuuu

Anonymous said...

The 'Hoyt' is actually the Nude one and the 'Roby' is the bronze one. They will both be in by next month, the rest are already in-store. Super great post Tin!!! Thaaaank youuu! - Carissa

appledumplings said...

Thank you SM for brining Jeffrey Campbell!

JMP said...

Do you know the price points of these shoes?? Hope they're affordable since they're in SM ; )

Anonymous said...

appledumplings... check it out in SM, we super love JC! :) - Carissa

Maureen_Manuel said...

I love Roby and Hoyt :D Im going to blog about this too :D

Mara said...

Glad I read the comments I was going to get a pair of Hoyt agad after reading this. I will wait patiently.

RubyG said...

I want the charlie clogs!!! Do you think they'll bring them in? Or only those cutesie-patootsie shoes lang?


Hi JMP! From Php3475 to Php5475, definitely much cheaper than US retail! =)

Blog away Maureen! =)

Patience is a virtue Mara! =)

Ruby! Let's ask them! Baka we can petition! Heeheehee!

jonna888 said...

i have been searching for oxford shoes and was ready to order online from Italy...

Thank God for your blog :) i found my perfect pair earlier at SM Makati "Gray-Meow" and they gave me a Php300 discount :)

Mrs. Jackie T (thebaghagdiaries.com) said...

I looove!! You are awesome, tintin!!!

bea ledesma said...

bring in the clogs!

Denise said...

Bring in these ones: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_3cb2OUiWhXc/TDujpYccHCI/AAAAAAAADzo/93GSgvsFjpI/s1600/10z95ci.png

Pretty please? :)

Mika said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh! JC in manila! totally reposting this, i hope you dont mind :)


Hehehe! Thanks Mrs. Jackie T! Not as awesome as you! ;)

Hi Bea! I'll definitely tell Carissa about your request! PS - I love your articles!

Hi Denise! That's the Lita! Will let Carissa know!

Please repost Mika! Thanks! =)

Trishia Goyoco said...

I am inlove with meow. Adding them to my wishlist already ;)

yuniseeeena said...


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, is this for real :-o i can't believe it

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