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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Just Had to Say This

I know the Reyeses. And because I have no first hand knowledge of the allegations thrown against them, I cannot pass judgment. Sure, I am guilty of thinking the worst of Tito Angie, but I cannot point an accusing finger. We all do not know the real story, or the motives behind Rabusa's actions.  My best friend Nina, who works in news, has often told me you cannot publish the real story at times. It's always more complicated and deeper than what is presented to the public. What is in the news at times is just 50% of the story, sometimes just the tip of the iceberg. And often, in tabloids posing as broadsheets, 100% lies and fabrications.

What I can tell you is this. I practically grew up with them. They are family friends, and our neighbors in Camp Aguinaldo. My Dad used to work with him, and while Tito Angie and my dad did not see eye to eye on some things,  I've always had fond memories of their family. The boys are simple, low key. Never pretentious or power tripping, or with bodyguards. Unlike some kids of politicians out there.

Tita Tess once told me never to get used to power, because when you are no longer in position, then people stop treating you special. But what I remember most about her, is her funny habit of asking me if I had friends I can introduce to her sons. Every time I saw her, no fail. They were all single then of course. Such a mom! She always seemed to want to be in on the latest food venture, one time it was buko juice, and she proudly said, "Wala yang formalin!" - referring to the practice of unscrupulous manufacturers who added formalin to preserve buko juice.

I never really got to hang out with the older boys, but Kuya Bogie was always kengkoy and makulit. Marc was the one who gave me tips when I applied to AIM, and his insights  I believe, helped me earn a scholarship. Carlo is my age, super low profile, you'd never think he was the son of a powerful man. He'd go off by himself, I'd run into him inside the camp, Jollibee, the PMA grounds, never with a bodyguard. Judd is the youngest, I am not close to him, but he's friends with my younger sister. They're all nice boys really. So tragic for Carlo and Judd to be there when it happened.

So I can feel their outrage. They've been lambasted in the media, and I see the comments in online papers bashing them. But if you knew these boys, you'd see how real and down to earth they are. Unlike Garcia's sons, who've always been known to dress in designer clothes from head to toe, to the amazement and wonder of the Camp kids (how could they afford that? They'd ask their family, whisper amongst themselves. This was before Garcia was outed by his own wife).

Tell me honestly, how many of you out there really know what happens, so much more keep track of every single transaction that transpires in your dad's office? I know of some people who don't even know what their dads do for a living. So you cannot say for sure the family knows what is happening. Then all these people who don't even know them personally, start attacking, - because "eloquent" men in the Senate and Congress (who are themselves of dubious integrity) saw them as fair game.

It's really sad that Tito Angie died the way he did. I never saw that coming. I am sad because I know him and his family personally. It's different when it's just a name you read in the papers.  I saw him transform into this famed, then shamed character. And it is all the more troubling because you know that there's so much more to this than what is on the surface. I do not really know if the allegations are true, I just hope Filipinos start thinking critically and not just take things at face value, or join in on popular opinion, unless nahatulan na. Mahirap kasi sa atin, nadadala tayo ng mga magagaling magsalita, kahit walang base or substansya.

Ito lang masasabi ko. Alam nyo, hindi lahat ng nasa military corrupt. Yung  ibang mga TV anchors and reporters kung magsalita, parang nilalahat nila. Grandstanding din. Meron dyan siguradong nambubulsa, pero wag nyong lahatin. May mga nagsisilbi sa bayan na nabubuhay ng malinis at marangal. Yung mga nasa military, kaya nga sila sundalo eh, kasi hindi naman nila expertise yung pumarada at magpa-impress sa media - who take everything in hook, line and sinker. Lalo na, hindi man lang sila charismatic or gwapo. Paano magkaka-simpatya para sa kanila, eh ang  gusto ng tao mga bolero, or gwapo. Kung maabilidad sila sa tao at sa media, eh di politician or artista na sila. Sa totoo lang, buong gobyerno, may kurakot. Do not single out the military. Nagkataon lang na may Rabusa na naghihirap at naubos ang ninakaw kaya biglang nagka-change of heart. Hindi kaya sya binayaran para magsalita? Madami din naman silang na-plunder diba? 

So there, I've said my piece. Let me reiterate, critical thinking please. Think before you react. Yun lang.


ria roxas said...

i love this post! well said! I also think that there's someone behind Rabusa going public. Definitely may nagsulsol para magsalita. Anyway, I just hope that truth will prevail. And to Gen. Reyes, I hope he finds peace...


Thanks Ria =) I pray for that too!

coffretgorge said...

It surprised me to know you're also a military brat, i also lived inside GHQ. Small world. :)

I choose to keep mum re: Gen. Reyes, but I wish his family strength in this heart-breaking time in their lives.

TJ Ramos said...

Hi, Tine! Thank you for posting this! It is definitely an eyeopener that plants our feet firmly on the ground.

How I wish they could publish this in the papers!

Kharen said...

I absolutely agree on everything said brat mate.Peace for the Reyeses ...


What a small world Georgina! We lived on Capinpin Ave & the White House too. I wanted to be quiet, but thought, if I were in their position, I would appreciate it if somebody who knew us spoke up, or showed moral support, esp at this time.

You're welcome TJ! =) I just don't know how public opinion will take that. They will say I am supporting corruption or twist it somehow. Sigh.


Thanks Kharen! Let's pray for that!

Anonymous said...

i do not know the reyes family personally but i felt so bad when gen. reyes killed himself. he did not deserve the treatment from the three stooges- trillanes, miriam and jinggoy! he has done more for the country than those three ever did.

gen, reyes was not even an accused. he was an invited guest in their investigation in aid of legislation, and now the question, legislation of what?

kong-chu said...

I like they way you wrote your last paragraph. And I am glad you wrote this post.


Thank you Anon! I agree, Trillanes, Miriam and Jinggoy are all investigating in the aid of grandstanding. Miriam also has a brother, a former CSAFP who served under GMA. Why is he not being called to speak in aid of legislation?

Thanks Sara! You know Carlo din diba?

ocmominmanila.com said...

I've been wondering all this time why Rabusa came out and I still don't get why there's a sudden change of heart.

Azula said...

Hi! thanks for this post. We may not personally know each other but we share something in common - PMAer BRATs. And I believe that you just spoke in behalf of all of us. Thank you! May Gen. Reyes rest in peace and I wish for more strength for his loved ones.

Anonymous said...

The natural thing for somebody falsely accused of something bad is to defend himself, not to silence himself by death. You bet if in his position I will use all the airtime I can get to prove my innocence. It just does not add up.

Look at Lacson. Even the Supreme Court can exonerate him but because he fled instead of facing the music (and by the way he is a legislator so it says so much of his guilt that he is unwilling to face the process he had a hand in creating), EVERYONE doubts that he is, indeed, innocent.

I watched the Karen Davila interview of Rabusa in youtube. He admits to being corrupt himself. He is willing to go to jail himself. And I think rightfully so.

I was visiting Notre Dame University once and there's a small Filipino restaurant a few minutes away from it. I talked with the owner and he said a lot of kids of generals and military officials are studying in Notre Dame. But for the chance that they might have been awarded a scholarship, or that they were wealthy to begin with, how can you explain that they are able to send their kids to very expensive schools in the US (and own 8 houses here no less) on their own salary alone?

I think the problem is, that we all know it exists, we all are disgusted by it, but we are so unwilling to really make the move toward cleaning the system.


From one PMA brat to another, thank you Azula!

Thanks you for your comment Anon. You see, that was the first thing that crossed my mind myself. But people have varying degrees of conscience and sense of honor - guilty or not. We all take accusations differently. But some people are really just makapal ang mukha - they can lie through their teeth and face a crowd and say, I know nothing, I cannot remember, I neither deny nor confirm. Maybe what sustains them is the fact that they know they stashed away money in the bank or somewhere and they have to live FOR that. While some would rather die, than be called out in public. We all take stress differently. Yes, he could be guilty, and I also wish he just spoke up, but what I am against is people trash talking and bad mouthing one another, when in fact they do not know the real elements to the story. I am calling for people to look at issues in a sober and sane manner, and not be carried away by hysterics. Madami nakiki-ride lang sa issue.

You brought up Notre Dame. See, with my mindset, the first thing that I thought of was Notre Dame in Cotabato. But you mentioned a Filipino restaurant, so I am assuming you are referring to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. I am a daughter of a general and my siblings and I went to Philippine universities. My younger sister & I went to a public university, where tuition fees were Php6,000 a semester. None amongst our circle of friends in the military went to Notre Dame or other US universities. Maybe none of us are smart enough to attend, or maybe because not one of our fathers could afford it. See, this is what I am saying. Do not generalize (how apt!). Not all military officers are corrupt. There could be bad eggs, and THOSE are the ones who send THEIR kids to Notre Dame. Now if ALL kids of generals and military officials are studying in schools abroad and shopping like a Garcia son, then the WHOLE institution is in trouble. But the thing is, a lot of us military brats still have to work for a living, can only dream of shopping at Hermes, even help support families you know.

If you worked in government, you would know that it is not easy to change the system. You will encounter a lot of opposition, your colleagues will turn against you, and you could be even threatened to be killed for it. But if you knew the real story in the AFP, you'd know that reforms were put into action starting with Abaya when he made had all funds managed by GHQ sent out straight to operating units to be managed there, in the line. My father abolished J6, the source of corruption in the military and set up a system for accountability. He set into action several programs for reforms (research it in Phil Star or Newsbreak, because you'd never read that in Inquirer) which annoyed a lot of people - fellow officers, politicians, military suppliers. He gained more enemies and was accused of corruption himself by tabloid reporters. Hey, that's what you get for rocking the boat. But do you see any of these reforms being discussed in Congress or the Senate, or the general public? Well, after he retired we cannot really say if those reforms were carried out by his successors, although the current CSAFP assures my dad that is still the case. So you see, some of the issues being brought up are so 2003. But that's because that's the impression being sent out by media. And that's what formed YOUR opinion.


Kris, yeah, hard to say because the one who convinced the whistleblower has an axe to grind pa din, even if they keep on saying this is all "in aid of legislation".

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