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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dancing Shoes

Look friends! These Tiny TOMS from Tita Trina & Uncle Jun are made for dancing!

Background: We told Berry to pose against the wall so we can send Tita Trina & Uncle Jun a photo of her wearing the shoes they bought for her. Instead, she broke into a dance routine, twirling, pretend flying and smiling as she swayed her arms about. Too cute!


Nina Lacson said...

ancuteee!!!! <3

apples & dumplings said...

Too cute indeed! :) She's so big na!

Anonymous said...

Pretty in Pink!!! She's such a cutie!! Are these photos taken by an LX5? Wonderful shots as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came upon your blog thru femalenetwork and I have to say, it's my fave among those featured :). I've been reading it for the past 2 hours already...going thru your old posts. And it was a great surprise when I found out in your Father's Day post that you're the daughter of my first boss!! :) Golly, I feel sooo old na! I just wanna say that your Dad is great (though very strict and scary back then, he he)...a very honorable man that my husband and I truly respect.

Love your blog :)

Edna Morales

kong-chu said...

berry cute!!!!

Arlene M said...

Berry is soooo cute!!


Heehee! Thanks Nina, Cai, Sara & Arlene!

Hi Anon! Thanks so much! I wish the LX5 could do the same. But I can't seem to take action shots of this quality there. Or maybe I don't know how to use it, hehe. These were taken with a Nikon D300.

Hi Edna! Nice to "meet" you here! Thank you for your kind and objective words hehe, I will tell my Dad about you! Please do visit the blog and say hello when you have time, heehee!

Trina said...

Aw! I'm glad you like it berry! I love the outfit!
Ate, take a video!

A Loopy Life said...

OMG, she's just too cute! My fingers are itching to squeeze her, haha!

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