Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Must Buy: Tulip Portable Water Filters

When our friends first told us about their Tulip portable water filter, I was thinking we needed at least one, in case The Big One strikes. After all, the first thing one needs in the event of a disaster is clean water, and then food and other basic supplies.

The Tulip water filter can filter: tap water, deep well water, rainwater, and water from rivers, lakes and ponds. It can even make Pasig River water potable. 

But the selling point for Dada was the price. He did the math.

He figured drinking water via a Tulip costs Php0.34 per liter whereas, we've been spending about Php19.17/liter on distilled drinking water. 

The water filter can filter up to 7,000 liters which is about an entire year's supply for the entire family. When it's time to change the filter, the cost per liter drops down considerably to just about Php0.03. 

"Hindi lang pang disaster, let's use everyday na!" he said excitedly.

Especially because we've had instances when water from the refilling station tasted soapy, and then we started thinking about it seriously, like, "How clean is this really?" and "Is the plastic BPA-free?".  Plus, given that we don't really see the process behind how the containers are washed and how water is filtered when it gets delivered to the house, we realized we really can't be 100% sure of the purification process all the time unless we go to the station and watch them refill our containers ourselves.

So we've been using this filter for about 3 months already, just filling the filter with water from the tap and I'm happy to share we've never had any issues with drinking Tulip filtered tap water. 

The taste is comparable to distilled water, and because it's so affordable, I use it to wash our vegetables and fruits as well.  I actually like splashing my face with water from it too, because I figured, it's filtered anyway!

The portable water filter containers are made from BPA-free plastic and the filter is Dutch-designed

Tulip Technology

Tulip is a Dutch-designed filter technology, made of diatomaceous earth, treated with nano silver to avoid growth of algae and to avoid recontamination of the filtered water. The filter element contains activated carbon to remove color and improve taste. This combination ensures that even turbid and highly contaminated water becomes safe to drink. 

It removes 99.995% of harmful bacteria, 99.995% of protozoa, and 99% turbidity. This also helps prevent water borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, giardia, cryptosporidiosis, typhus and schistosomiasis.

I was so impressed with how effective and cost-efficient it is, how easy it is to use, not to mention portable and requires no electricity and running water, that when the crisis in Marawi happened, I thought of how useful this would be there. So our group started sending filters there. Especially because I heard that diseases were spreading given the dire conditions on the ground.

Turns out, these water filters made it to Tacloban already, back in 2014, when these were distributed to the families displaced by Typhoon Haiyan.

Back then, it was brought in by the Dutch manufacturer, Basic Water Needs, together with organizations like Connect International, Safe Water International and several Rotary Clubs. 

Today, it is now readily available locally. In fact, if you'd like to order for personal use, for donation, or for future use in the event of a calamity, you may send a message to 0917 821 6481 or email waterfilterph@gmail.com for inquiries.

Given these uncertain times, it just makes sense to really have one at home. Of course, the cost savings is a no brainer too. This is a product that has so many benefits for families, both in the cities and rural areas, it just has to be shared.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

You'll Bring this Doughnut Everywhere

When Vida Co first told me that they were bringing in Doughnut Bags from Hongkong, I was like, "Hey, that's going to be great for school kids."

The colors were fun, it had lots of nifty compartments for pens, phones, laptops, water bottles - it just made a lot of sense to have one.
This is the Montana Mini, it can fit an iPad, water bottle, wallet, mobile phone, a fold-up umbrella, a sweater, a scarf, sunglasses, a book, with room for more!

This is the Toast, you'll never have to dig around for a pen or lose your coin purse inside the black hole that is your bag anymore

Presenting their bestselling Macaroon, it can fit your 15" Macbook, plus phone, earphones, coins, notebooks, books, and so much more

A whole lot of sense. Even if I wasn't a student. Even if I haven't really been using backpacks as much as I used to.

More so when I saw this blush colorway, better known as the Rose in Macaroon. It was love at first sight.

But then, this Mini Montana looked so minimalist, streamlined and clean. I was hooked.

From a nonchalant, "Oh how cute!" I found myself gushing - in a, "Grabe, I need to have one! I can't sleep if I don't have one!" sort of way. And that's rare these days ha, because I've done Konmari na.

I found a happy compromise in this Mini Montana in Rose. Which I excitedly used for our trip to Taiwan and easily fit not just my stuff, but Xavi's rain jacket, Berry's stickers, a folding umbrella and some pens I picked up at Eslite, with space to spare.

The next day, I changed into my usual leather travel bag, which I have been using for our travels for the last couple of years na,

...but I found myself spoiled with the lightweight Doughnut that I eventually transferred my stuff back into the Mini Montana even if the leather bag was more bagay with my outfit. That's how practical Doughnut is!

In fact, it's so practical that my cousin Thea shares that not only did she and her boyfriend Gab use it for their beach trip, they've kept on using their bags even now that they're back in the city. It's really meant not just for play, but for work as well!

Photo credit: @theaderivera on Instagram

For the complete Doughnut lineup, visit www.doughnutphilippines.com. The bags are also available online at Zalora, and at Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-la Plaza, and at Paez Ayala Malls the 30th.

For more about Doughnut, visit @doughnutphilippines on Instagram and Doughnut Philippines on Facebook.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Gear Up & Explore with Paez and Doughnut: Part 3

No explorer sets off without doing prior research, and so after procuring supplies, the teams were sent off to National Bookstore aka the Adventurer's Research Camp at the mall basement to look for books on Argentina and dessert cookbooks.

The challenge soon turned physical, and teams had to maneuver a soccer ball through cones, then hula hoop and jump rope their way to the finish.

Not without stopping for refreshments at Pure Nectar by Rustan's Supermarket at the basement, before heading back to base camp, of course.

What did the guests get out of completing their challenges, apart from discovering how perfect Paez shoes are for exploring? They each get to bring home the Doughnut backpack of their choice!!

I'll tell you more about Doughnut in another post! ;)

Paez shoes and Doughnut bags Gear Up and Explore event was made in cooperation with Ayala Malls the 30th, National Bookstore and Pure Nectar.

Shop Paez shoes at Level 3, Trinoma, Level 1, Market! Market!, G/F UP Town Center, G/F, Ayala Malls The 30th and Rustan’s Dept. Stores. Shop online at www.paezphilippines.com or visit them at facebook.com/PaezPhilippines. Follow them on Instagram at @paezph and post with the hashtags #explorewithpaez and #paezph.

Shop Doughnut bags at Paez at Ayala Malls the 30th, Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangrila, Swim Boracay and Stand n’ Stride in Cabanatuan. Shop online at www.doughnutphilippines.com or visit them at facebook.com/DoughnutPhilippines. Follow them on Instagram at @doughnutphilippines and post with the hashtags #packyourdream, #doughnut and #doughnutph.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Gear Up & Explore with Paez and Doughnut: Part 2

Hosted by athlete/businesswoman/model Amanda Fernandez, who also happens to be my distant cousin, she got the guests to group into teams...

First team at the scene: Alex Castro, Amber Folkman, Anna and Arielle Escalona

Coleen, Tina and Karla unpacking their Doughnut backpack and checking their exploration provisions

and sent them off to their next challenge at the Cinema lobby, at the top most floor of Ayala Malls The 30th.

The challenge? Finishing a tub of popcorn at the Pop Stop: 

After which, teams were sent to a shopping expedition at Rustan's Supermarket at the basement.

The challenge? Buy 3 Doughnut ingredients with only a budget of Php100!

Sounds impossible, but happy to share the teams all fulfilled their task with ease. Look at Dexter, Andie, Karla and Lexy still all smiles after completing their supermarket challenge.

As it turns out, this was only a warm up!

To be continued...

Monday, April 03, 2017

Gear Up & Explore with Paez and Doughnut: Part 1

In all the years I've attended mall based events, I thought this was the most unique and interactive  I have been to ever!

Paez, a footwear brand that has its roots in Argentina, and newly launched Doughnut Bags from Hongkong together kicked off 2017 with their Gear Up and Explore Challenge, where they got their guests to form into teams, explore the newly opened Ayala Malls The 30th in Ortigas, and overcome challenges wearing their super comfy Paez shoes, their exploration supplies neatly packed inside the team's Doughnut backpack.

The most popular backpack style by Doughnut, happens to be Macaron! Easy to remember when there's a doughnut and macaron buffet to nibble on. Tell you more about the brand in succeeding posts ;)

Of course, there are also empanadas from Argentina. A Paez event is never complete without baskets of them to munch on!

With a series of challenges to complete, most of the guests understandably started off feeling overwhelmed. Especially since the first challenge happened to be the hardest. Choosing a pair of Paez shoes to wear throughout the afternoon!

Look at Amber, Anna, Alex Karla and Trina pondering deeply.

I think the most time spent on the entire challenge was spent choosing their shoes alone!

To be continued...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Grand Fountain Unveiling at Okada Manila

There’s something magical about fountains, but the most magical one we have yet to see is going to be unveiled on March 31st, at Okada Manila, the 44 hectare integrated resort at Entertainment City. 

The Fountain at Okada Manila will be the world’s largest multicolor dancing water feature, synced with music and multicolor lights. A highly immersive projection mapping onto the glass surface of the 800m-long Crystal Corridor surrounding The Fountain, an extraordinary fireworks show and acrobratic and circus performances heighten the experience.

The inaugural celebration kicks off with live performances by international pop music sensation Robin Thicke, World of Wonders, Asia’s Golden Girl Gerphil Flores, and the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, with guest host Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

For more about the Grand Fountain unveiling and how you can view this iconic, one-of-a-kind show, visit www.okadamanila.com/events/fountain-unveiling

About Okada Manila

With luxurious and spacious hotel rooms, more than 40 dining establishments including one spearheaded by Michelin-star chef Hirofumi Imamura at his eponymous Japanese Kappou Imamura restaurant, retail shops housed inside an arched glass corridor, gaming, a musical fountain and an indoor beach club set upon a 44 hectare property at the Entertainment City, Okada Manila is set to be the grandest hotel and entertainment destination in town.

For more about Okada Manila, visit www.okadamanila.com and follow @okadamanila on Instagram  and Okada Manila PH on Facebook. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Everything for Baby at My Baby Planet

Tucked on one side of the Puregold complex on Araneta Ave. cor E. Rodriguez Ave. in Quezon City is My Baby Planet, a one-stop baby shop that pretty much carries everything a mom and even mom-to-be would possibly need.

They have everything from diapers, toiletries, baby bottles and breastfeeding supplies to safety equipment, toys and even pediatric vitamins.

But I'm not just talking about basics, they carry hard to find items that are most often just available in high end grocery stores, the brand's kiosks, or have to be purchased by relatives and friends traveling abroad if not shipped from Amazon.

From Aveeno to VTech, they've got most brands covered.

I just have to say, having Aveeno Baby widely available here now in the country is such a big deal. This is one of those products you just hoard, and I mean hoard, when traveling abroad. Now we can free up our luggage space for other stuff, like stuff from Trader Joe’s haha!

Aveeno and Aveeno Baby products which are a staple for every mom who has a kid with eczema. Of course they've got the Johnson's Baby range products as well like the Milk Bath, powder and lotion as well

What sets apart Aveeno Baby from other baby brands is that fact that it’s natural - made from oat extracts, and is hypoallergenic and really gentle on infants and babies with sensitive skin. The Wash & Shampoo is tear-free, the Daily Moisture Lotion and Soothing Relief Moisture Cream moisturize for a full 24 hours. Not a surprise given that Aveeno Baby’s active ingredient is Oat, which is known to help restore skin's normal pH and aid in the maintenance of skin's moisture barrier to help prevent and protect dry skin.

Sun Protection products by Mustela which are usually available only in their kiosks and not in most baby stores

 This hard to find zartcreme by bebe Zartplege had to be sourced from Germany

Apart from Pampers premium care, they also carry the full range of diaper brands. If it's not in the store, they can have someone get it inside Puregold so you don't have to step out anymore

A softcup for premature babies and Special Needs feeder for babies who have a hard time latching by Medela, which I doubt you'd find easily in any of the baby stores in town

There's a baby wipes extravaganza happening here: they've got Nivea, Enfant, Pigeon, Mother K, Seventh Generation, MD Moms and Organic Baby Wipes

I was pretty impressed with the look of the store too. It has a homey, hipster feel that Millenial Moms would feel right at home at. Lots of natural wood, bright lighting, lots of space to manuever a stroller in, plus seating for Dads!

Organic, natural and baby safe seems to be the order of the day at My Baby Planet. From organic baby foods to baby monitors, this place is a haven for discriminating parents.

Eating organic is easy with HiPP baby food to NurturMe toddler snacks

Natural household brands like Seventh Generation and MessyBessy sit side by side at My Baby Planet

There's also a wide array of baby safe laundry products from Cycles, Downy, Dreft and D-nee

Apart from this Baby Monitor by Motorola, they also carry bump guards, locks, baby gates and other baby-proofing items

They even have Ecomom, an ultraviolet sterilizer and dryer from Korea that's safe to use on baby bottles and breastfeeding parts as well as toys

Speaking of toys, My Baby Planet also carries toys as well as strollers, bouncers, baby bath tubs, baby carriers and so much more. If they don't carry it right now, then they pretty much can and will, because they're always on the lookout for products us moms need and want.

The best part of all? We don't have to go all the way to QC to shop at My Baby Planet. They have an online store, and they'll be launching it soon, with free shipping to boot for the first 100 customers!

Visit www.mybabyplanetph.com to see the full list of brands and products they carry. There's an entire planet to discover!
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