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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Sign Up & Splurge with Smart Infinity and SSI

If I were to write down what's currently on my shopping/wish list for the family, it would be:

1) An Olympia Le Tan book clutch. I adore her stuff! So precious and intricately embroidered, they are pretty much heirloom pieces we can pass on to our daughters. As with all heirloom quality pieces though, they come with an insane price tag aka not within my current budget.

Olympia Le Tan book clutch via net-a-porter, $1,880

Thankfully, I discovered this Olympia Le Tan book clutch for LeSportsac via Chuvaness. Available at LeSportsac in Estancia Capitol Commons too. Yes, I called to ask.

Love Letters Clutch by Olympia Le-Tan for LeSportsac

2) A warm but stylish jacket for Dada's upcoming business trip. Dada knows what he likes, and he's had his mind set on a classic navy jacket of great quality that he can wear for many, many years.

Quilted, insulated jacket from Marks & Spencer

3. A cute but practical wheelie bag for Beriray, for next school year. A bigger bag means more subjects, which also means more lessons for me to tutor. But before we get to that, let's enjoy summer first, and shopping for a cute wheelie bag.

A Mom & Berry-approved pink wheelie bag from Pottery Barn Kids

4) Cute toys for the boys. Wala lang, I think Xavi and Tepper will enjoy playing with this, when they're both big enough to know they are not supposed to put the small parts in their mouths. Heehee.

Brio Monorail Airport Set from Hamleys

“Smart Infinity has always been about having our members enjoy the lifestyle they want and deserve, hence our latest offerings featuring the Purple Card of our partner Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI),” said Julie Carceller, head of Smart Infinity.

She added, “If you subscribe to our plans today, you will receive a generous amount of shopping GCs, a.k.a. Purple Cards, matched to your chosen package and/or your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus device.” 

Purple Cards are accepted at all Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) shops, like the ones on my wishlist - LeSportsac, Marks & Spencer, Pottery Barn and Hamleys! This also includes A/X Armani Exchange, Debenhams, Jimmy Choo, GAP, Kate Spade, Lacoste, MUJI, Tory Burch, YSL and Zara, among others.

For Aspire Plan 3500 members, they will receive Purple Cards worth PHP 19,000, while members availing of higher plans such as Prestige 5000 and Premium 8000 will receive Purple Cards valued as high as P35,000.

For those who want their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus under Smart Infinity’s customer-priority and pampering services, Purple Cards are available in the following amounts corresponding to specific iPhone plans: PHP 10,000 when you avail of Prestige Plan 5000 bundled with a free iPhone 6 (16gb); PHP5,000 for Prestige Plan 5000 plus one iPhone 6 (64gb); PHP21,000 for every Premium 8000 plan with an iPhone 6 (64gb); and PHP16,000 for every Premium 8000 plan with an iPhone 6 (128gb)

iPhone 6 + Purple Card = FUN!

For iPhone 6 Plus offers, the Purple Card amounts will likewise be as follows: PHP 5,000 with Prestige Plan 5000 with free iPhone 6 Plus (16gb); PHP21,000 with Premium Plan 8000 plus free iPhone 6 Plus (16gb); PHP16,000 with Premium Plan 8000 plus free iPhone 6 Plus (64gb); and PHP11,000 with Premium Plan 8000 plus a free iPhone 6 Plus (128gb).

Purple Cards are also bundled with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 premium smartphones. New Smart Infinity members may receive Purple Cards in the amount of PHP14,000 plus a Samsung Note 4 and Gear S with their Premium Plan 8000 subscription.

James Chi, Marketing manager for Smart Infinity, stated, “This is one of Smart Infinity’s means to let our clients know that we are here to give the best of every mobile and data experience. It’s really one thing to give them plans that cater to their demands—such as network reliability and quality service—and it’s another fulfilling experience to know that your needs are being thought of.”

Chi added, “Previously, we bundled our plans with gadgets and premium appliances; this time, our subscribers get to shop for the premium brands they want for themselves! That in itself is quite an offer.”

And I would have to agree. It was such a thrill to tick off items from my shopping list without having to shell out cash, thanks to Smart Infinity!

For more about Smart Infinity's latest packages and SSI Purple Card offering, visit http://smart.com.ph/infinity/purplecard.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Messy Bessy: From H.O.U.S.E to Your House and Back

We all know Messy Bessy takes cleaning seriously. But did you know that at the heart of Messy Bessy is helping disadvantaged young adults get a second chance in life through Project H.OU.S.E

There really is plenty of good reason why we should Choose Messy Bessy. It's a No-Brainer!

LACOSTE for J. Crew

Out this Spring 2015 in 30+ J.Crew US stores and online, as well as in Canada, UK & France is LACOSTE for J. Crew.

This is the first time these two iconic brands have partnered, with special polo shirts available for all ages - for baby, kids, and adults.

Jenna Lyons, J.Crew Creative Director and President, and Frank Muytjens, Head of Men’s Design, spearheaded the collab/selection process and have chosen LACOSTE to be part of their “Looks We Love” seasonal section. 

The shirts come in a variety of colors like white, navy, burgundy and orange, retailing from $55-$98. 

How different is this collection from the classic LACOSTE we know and love?

The LACOSTE logo used for the J. Crew Collection is an exclusive archive version from 1983 and is generally blue with a LACOSTE cursive font within the iconic crocodile, making a piece from this collection a must have for any LACOSTE fan. 

Shop the Lacoste for J. Crew collection online. For more about this exciting collaboration, click here.

Frozen Giveaway for Hong Kong Disneyland Fans!

I shared this “Find Your Light” music video last week, showing the magic of Hong Kong Disneyland, home to many of our homegrown and world-class talents.

You must have seen the video a couple of times by now, like I have, right?

If this got you hankering for a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland sometime soon, well here’s something to ease the anticipation! 

I am giving away 5 Elsa and 5 Anna dolls, for a total of 10 lucky readers of MFO, who will each get one Frozen doll!!

How fun, right? And so easy to join too! Simply:

1) Like the Hong Kong Disneyland Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/disneyland.hk

2) Watch the Find Your Light music video

3) Leave a comment on this blog post answering the question:  

What did you like about the "Find Your Light" music video?

Make sure to join by using the Rafflecopter Widget below so I can keep track of your entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Is that the sound of your little girls shrieking with excitement now?

Terms & Conditions:
Winners must have a Philippine address. 

Contest ends 11:59 PM on March 16, 2015. Announcement of the winners will be on March 18, 2014. 

Winners will be contacted by email and MFO will coordinate with the winners for shipment of prizes.

First name drawn gets first dibs on preferred doll, and so on. 

These Terms and Conditions are subject to the interpretation of MFO, which shall be final and conclusive. In the event of disputes, MFO reserves the right to make final judgment on the dispute and otherwise in respect of this contest.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Find Your Light at Hong Kong Disneyland

Ask my 5 year old daughter Berry where she wants to go for vacation and she'd say, "Hong Kong Disneyland!" with such enthusiasm, it's hard to say, "Not again!".

Watching this Find Your Light music video pretty much reminds us why she loves it there though.

The magic of Hong Kong Disneyland, home to many of our homegrown and world-class talents who performed in Disney’s Find Your Light Music Video.

So yes, even if she's been there twice, as we have been going every year for the last two years, Disneyland will always be part of the agenda when traveling with them.

Our first time was with our family friends, where we had such a wonderful time...

Mommies and our Mini Mes, in Fantasyland, as the Dads take our photos, teehee

That she decided she wanted to celebrate her 5th birthday, back at Hong Kong Disneyland.

I totally get it though. There really is something magical about Disneyland in a child's eyes.

In fact, the magic begins right at the Disneyland train, where the subtle hints of Mickey Mouse on the windows and the dangling overhead handles are enough to get the little ones giddy with anticipation.

Actually, make that at the Disneyland Ticket Express booth at the MTR Hong Kong Station. Clutching onto those tickets are enough to set the mood. Kind of like the golden ticket to happiness.

Just as I was when I was little, a huge part of the allure of Disneyland are the Disney Princesses. 

When I was 7, and  all I wanted was to see Cinderella. Who doesn't love the fairy tale ending of a good, hardworking girl getting her Prince, then being whisked off to a palace, to the annoyance of her wicked stepsisters?

That's me, not looking at the camera, probably too busy watching out for Cinderella to appear

For Berry however, it was Snow White in 2013. I think its because she can relate to Snow White's short hair, fair skin, and her sweet and caring disposition.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Snow White, of course!

A year later, she was into Elsa, along with 50 million little girls across the world it seems, drawn to Elsa's regal presence, her powerful magic, and her resolve to protect the ones she loves, even if it means being misunderstood.  

Doesn't hurt that she has long, braided platinum blond hair and wears a gorgeous, sparkly gown while exercising her powers.

Elsa and Anna dolls, selling out fast!

The memories of the fun rides are a huge come on, of course! We all loved the "Jungle River Cruise" in Adventureland. Even our little Xavi, who was only 8 months old at the time, enjoyed it!

But "It's a Small World" will always be a favorite. Even if you've seen it a dozen times, it's always a thrill seeing dolls dressed in Filipiniana costumes, looking out a stylized nipa hut, singing "Ang liit lang ng mundo".

And for this, Disneyland never gets old.

We actually can’t wait to go back, when the two younger boys are big enough to appreciate the fun and magic that is undeniably Disney!

What's your Disney story? Plan your trip at www.hongkongdisneyland.com so you can Show your Disney Side too!
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