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Sunday, October 16, 2011

BC Magazine October 2011

A huge "Thank You!" to Job Ambrosio, Kariz & Tom Favis, Valerie Del Castillo and Dee Nermal for including me in the October 2011 issue of BC Magazine Philippines' feature on "Moms Online", where I got to share my life as a wife/mom/lifestyle blogger. And of course, here's a big wet kiss to Mr. Dychiao, for taking my photo above, teehee! Mwah!

Family and friends, and dear readers, hope you can check it out and buy an issue. This month is chockfull of great reads! Its out on newstands na!


ghoent said...

you look so fresh and beautiful! congrats on this. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular of your blog but I'm not here for your fashion entries. You seem nice & all but I can't help but voice out that I think you're too over-hyped on your fashion sense. Although you get to wear branded stuff, your style is too plain jane, not fashionista at all. I don't get why you & some people think you're fashion-savvy. Your blog title doesn't suit you at all.

Nina Lacson said...

I love your bloooog! Congrats on the feature, Ms. Christine!!!!

Marco said...

Beautiful! :)

cham said...

gujab! i'm actually thinking of buying a copy... :)

G_g said...

Lovely picture indeed! =) Congrats Tin!


Thank you so much Ghoent, Nina, Marco, Cham and G_g! =)

Dear Anonymous, thank you for your comment and for visiting the blog regularly. I never positioned myself as an expert, hence, the Observer in the title. I only write about what I see or come across, and never impose my taste or style. We all have different aesthetics and obviously, I do not cater to your taste. I like my style, this is how I want to dress and there's nothing I will do to change the way I look at "fashion".

Issa said...

congrats on this one! i love your line big wet kiss to Mr. Dychiao, hihihi....sweet!

thestyleflux said...

What a great feature!

Fashion Blogger

Tina said...

Great feature Christine!

Dear Anonymous,

Haven't you heard the phrase, "While there are certain social graces or politeness which involve not hurting another's feelings? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." What was so important that you "couldn't help but voice out"? Can I ask you what percentage of Filipinos actually dress like all the so called "fashionistas"? And what percentage actually choose the classier side of fashion?

And since you "couldn't help but voice out", why did you have to hide behind Anonymous? Couldn't you back up your comments with your real name at least?

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